What to consider before Restoration of your Classic Car?

Restoration of a car is not just an ordinary modification but a visionary approach that requires many strenuous tasks to make it a real classic and standout. And though, Vintage Car Restoration has spread like a booming investment where many automotive vehicle enthusiasts have gathered to make their classy vintage cars match the modern car performance, it’s still more than a hobby and requires a lot of time and creativity than you’ve ever imagined. But before we start, firstly we should know what vintage car restoration exactly is?

Car Restoration is a process in which the vintage cars undergo refurbishment process where the cars retain the factory specifications and mechanism with ‘New Old Stock’ or NOS. NOS are those automotive parts that are obsolete but have never been sold. What you are thinking is absolutely true! Availability of these parts that match the exact model and should also be of good quality is definitely a Herculean Task. As a result, nowadays all the vintage vehicles uses new parts for restoration. These new parts are of utmost quality and also match the specifications of the original car. So in a nutshell, we can say that the ultimate goal in vintage car restoration process is to modify and refurbish the car with good quality parts that should operate the vehicle exactly same as if it has arrived from the factory line.

But there are many vital things to consider before the restoration of your classic car. And these things will clearly describe whether you really want to restore your vintage car or it’s just a mere modification gimmick. So, have a look at some important things which you should definitely consider before restoration of your classic car.

Now, we are assuming that you have a classic car or have bought a vintage and want to restore it. In order for a perfect restoration of your car, you should be conscious of following things which would greatly help in the process.


1. A Garage: 


You can’t runaway from the fact that if you want to restore your classic car you will definitely need a garage or closed free space in your apartment so that you can do your work whenever you get time. Restoring it in some workshop will cost you both money as well as time restrictions. Moreover, your garage should possess all the required tools and equipment that you would need during modification of your vintage car. Lightning in the garage should be perfect.


2. Definite Work Plan: 


You shouldbe dead sure of what you want to change in your classic car. And definite work plan should be laid out. List down all the things you want to add in your car and then track down all the parts which you will need in the process.For instance, you want to do some major overhaul in the car’s performance or say premium paint job then it would cost you a lot more. Moreover, each and everything should be well specified otherwise it will always alter your budget and you will end up spending more.


3. Time: 

Patience is one of the most important things during the restoration. You need to understand that it’s not a normal car modification process. Here, we are talking about the cars which are decades old and therefore will definitely result in many errors and defects. Moreover, finding the exact parts for your car is again a very tiresome and time-consuming part.


4. Tools and Equipment: 


The next most important thing is the requirement of all the tools and equipment that would help you to fix all the parts in your car. These tools include some basic hand tools like wrenches, pliers and pincers, spanners, screwdrivers, vices, striking tools etc. Moreover, you will also need some lubricants, torchlights, plasma cutter, MIG welder etc.


5. High-Quality Car Restoration Parts: 


High quality car restoration parts are perhaps the most important accessory in the entire restoration process. Because vintage car restoration parts are often most hard to find especially for the exact model and high quality, your entire work plan would fail if you are using low-quality parts or parts of some other model. Therefore, you should always buy parts from a trusted supplier & manufacturer.


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